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    The Last House on the Left.

    So I found this movie in the $5 movie bin at Walmart and was quick to snatch it up.  I choose the most random movies to become obsessed with and The Last House on the Left 2009 was one of them.  I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it.  I think the revenge keeps me coming back for more.

    The first thing I thought when I saw the original sitting, Sandra Cassel’s horrified eyes gazing back at me like a sad puppy, was “It’s absolutely meant to be!”  Lemme tell you, kiddies…it wasn’t meant to be.

    It had to have been one of the goofiest movies I’ve ever seen in all my 22 years of life!  The characters were goofy.  The situations were goofy.  The music was the goofiest thing of all (we’re talking Beverly Hillbilly-inspired notes).  And you know what the craziest thing is? I feel BAD for not liking it.  I’ve never felt bad for not liking a movie before.  It’s supposed to be like one of the most controversial movies of like all time (“Keep repeating ‘It’s only a movie… It’s only a movie… It’s only a…” and all that) with one of the sickest rape scenes ever.  But the acting was so bad that we couldn’t stop laughing.

    And the villains—once again, GOOFY.  I felt like Mari and Phyllis should’ve just kicked them all in the balls and run off.  The ones in the remake were soo much more menacing.

    And what about the sheriff and the deputy?  They were completely pointless.

    Supposedly the remake is never been than the original, but…I’d say this is the exception to that rule.

    But the show must go on.  I promised myself that I’m going to watch the originals to all those scary movie remakes I like so much.  I feel like I can’t call myself a horror movie buff until I do that.  So I need suggestions.  What are you guys’ fave pre-1980 horror movies?

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    1. johnhalloweens answered: The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an enduring masterpiece - also check out The Hills Have Eyes. :D
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